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Get Your Princess On

Lately, I have had a few sissy bitch callers who call for princess training…how to be me! Well, it’s not gonna happen, but I can give you some tips on how to be a sissy princess school girl type. Of course, it all starts from the foundation up, like any good work in progress!

Pretty Pink Panties

Panties, please! Pastel pink with a lacy hem. A satin front panel with a high cut, and all in nylon. The bra will match and be no bigger than a B cup. A Princess does not have bimbo boobies, she is top class. Her hair will be in a high ponytail, and she will smell of fruity, foody scents.  Her makeup will be understated and glamorously glittery. Under the eye eyeliner is light and subtle. Lipstick is pink sheer and glossy.

Be Classy, Not Tacky

Her outerwear is preferably a pink short dress with tanned legs, no stockings. Kitten heels in pink are the Princess’ favorite.  A peek-a-boo toe displaying light pink polish is very attention grabbing.


Is the little sissy jealous yet? She doesn’t have to be.  She can emulate the Princess walk, talk and demeanor. The sissy will not be a cocksucker yet, she will be a cockteasing bitch for a very long time. Under no circumstance does Princess eat cum, but in the case of a sissy, we re-organize the dos and do not’s. In the case of a girlie boi, she will look the Princess but be the slut!

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