CFNM And Small Cock, Hand In Hand

One of my new favorite CFNM fantasy scenarios is the pool boy on a pink polka dot bikini. Imagine a hot sunny day at the pool, 4 princesses attending, and the drink order is put in to our submissive little CFNM boy. He also has a tiny little cock showing through his pink bikini bottoms. For our Mojitos, he is ordered to pick the mint from the garden on his knees. Yes, of course we laugh very hard, telling him to hurry up and not be so faggy in his manner of clipping the mint. Before he goes into the house to make our cocktails, he must give us a little pool dance which of course brings a whole round of laughter.

Pinching His Little Dick

Next he is beckoned to come over to me. I pinch his little cock between princess fingers and laugh again. The chorus of laughter is heard all over the neighborhood. Soon, more princesses come over to witness a pink bikini clad dickless subby dancing to the beat of the music, and so begins the cocktail party. Do you like this fantasy? I’m sure the Mojitos will be very happily made by one submissive dancer!

J-Boy Works Out For Me

J-boy did a fun call with ms Violet and me last week and no exercises were selected for his tease and denial and finally cum eating session. Just good old tease and please. He likes to go to our blogs to choose a pic to jerk off to. He then called a little while later for his physical exercise. The new one is holding the pullup, I think for a few min for his cum eating reward. Such a strong and happy boy!


Princess Britany