Locktober Is Coming And You May Not

Especially for you coming soon for Locktober. Chastity hell Britany style. Yes, next month is Locktober which means La Princess will be going full-on into chastity training. I hope you have a cage. If not, get one for your size of course. I’m sure your size, sissy, will be micro dome in pink. For real men, I expect a hot metal cage. A mature metal would be best but for real men, any metal will do. Since my schedule is much less lately, appointments will be suggested. Get your cages ready, and all training will start with a week of strict cock control. If you are good boy, I just may let you cum at the end of that week.

Chastity Hell Britany Style Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

My Schedule

I believe I mentioned my schedule is changing for awhile, if not, here is the rundown. La Princess will be available for appointments during the week, and will have some here and there sign ins. I will be available most weekends. School will be finished next year and I will be graduating and have no plans on getting a PhD. Appointments are really encouraged.
Chastity Hell Britany Style Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Chastity Hell Britany Style

Let’s get back to chastity training and the psychology of the chastity boy! Why do you love chastity, or maybe you just like it or have some curiosity about this type of control. This may be a thing you have thought about for a long time and are afraid? There is no fear unless you throw away the key or swallow it. In this company we do not mail keys. I would love to map out how I will conduct such a program. Conducting it like a very hot therapist is my plan with this type of chastity training.

Chastity Hell Britany Style Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sexy Work Outfits For The Chastity Therapy Office

Picture me dressed in a fabulous blue wool mini-suit. I would have a white crisp cotton blouse unbuttoned a bit to show a light blue silk camisole underneath. My stockings are conservative nude pantyhose sheer to the waist. This could vary with black thigh highs and a  black just above-the-knee suit for the winter months. The black suit would have black stiletto leather boots. Of course the blue suit would have white kitten heels for the summer months. Both suits have the crisp white blouse a la Governess fashion. Chastity hell Britany style has now officially begun!

Choose Your Cage

The scene starts with me, the golden princess, greeting you to her office, A dimly lit room, aromatherapy diffuser filled with lavender to calm the uncontrolled masturbator’s nerves. There is a glass cabinet filled with all sorts of chastity cages. Pink little domes for dickless sissies, manly metal cages for big perfect dicks. Also in the cabinet are prostate massagers, poppers, and various sex toys. Tubes and tubs of lubricant line up like a cityscape. On the wall are the golden one’s sex therapy diplomas and her awards. Let the therapy begin!

The Interview

The golden one snickers it’s, time for chastity hell Britany style. The heavenly hell begins with the interview and the notes.The interview goes as planned. The boy is eating out of the palm of the golden one’s hand. His eyes are distracted by the golden one’s long, very long legs and his dick gets hard. Of course, he realizes he is helpless and ….

Cage Time

Yes it’s time for the cage. The golden one snaps the well manicured fingers and points to the floor. This is an exercise she says. You will show me how much control you have by edging for the rest of the hour. The cage will go on with no orgasm achieved. This is how you learn cock control, princess style!


Princess Britany