A Visit To The Chastity Therapist

Looks like I have not blogged for awhile. Got logged out and was given the FORBIDDEN word. I got in eventually and now I have a therapist fantasy to share. It’s a good one. It’s about a sexy chastity therapist who gives eventual lopped off and shrinking dick therapy. A little chastity here and there never hurt any boy but this may be a little too much.

Chastity Therapist And The Shrinking Dick: Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975

State Of The Art Self Locking Device

So this boy calls yesterday wondering what we can do about his excessive masturbation. This is the perfect problem for a sex therapist. I suggest some things like our state of the art chastity training device enforced with a timed lock. The training will eventually end with a seven inch cock reduced to a little nub solving the problem in one way. The other ways will be very radical. It will cure him of the excessive jerking off which is affecting his work because his level of concentration is diminishing greatly.

Britany’s Therapy Methods

Through the therapy session, I interrogated him on his excessive masturbation habits. We discussed Dr. Smith and her hormone therapy to diminish the urge. Since this boy is on the verge of losing his job, I decide he must have a monitored chastity device. Once a week therapy sessions includes:

  • Demonstrating and his stroking style
  • Advice on stroking and edging
  • How to apply a chastity device
  • CBT and threatening to remove his shrinking cock
  • Cock measuring with humiliation

Complete Orgasm Denial

He is instructed that every night when he comes home from work, he will be allowed to clean the cage and dick while being viewed on cam. There will be a mini cam built into the cage which is ordered to be within my view. The cage is programmed to open at 5:30pm every day. He will then cary this cage around until 11pm. He will then apply it at 11 and it will lock shut. If he misses the opportunity, an alarm will be sent to me. He will wear the cage all day until he gets home at 5:30. There will be NO orgasms. He is in this program for the sake of control.

Chastity Therapist And The Shrinking Dick: Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975


The Desired Results

Once a week, me, the chastity therapist will inspect his cock to measure the shrinkage. The goal is to have a one inch dick, then the therapy is considered successful. Eventually my goal is one inch because we can then fit him with a female chastity device. He asks what if it fails? My answer is simple. Let’s just eliminate it all together!

Sex Therapist Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975