Your Chastity Training Princess

Chastity training interest skyrocketed due to my last post. The chastity cage that I have zane the brain in is The Crucible for PA pierced little cocks. Size does not really matter in this cage but I like to emphasize that he has a pathetic small penis.

66 Days Of Chastity Training

Zane is now in the chastity cage for 66 days and loving every minute of his cock captivity training. His attitude is more subservient, his performances are flawless, and he gets hard or soft on demand. Added to his chastity training, is mind control. His cock must do as I say, and it’s an automatic response.

Varieties of Chastity Training Programs

So far I have had 12 requests for all types of chastity training, from strict to weekend warrior training. The favorite is the guy with six cages. Several silicon for biking and gym training, a crappy uncomfortable plastic cage, and sexy metal cock cages, all made by mature metal. I definitely know he will be a huge success because of his experience and big dick. Big dicks always come in first and always win.

Cock Control Before Chastity Training

Sometimes starting a week of strict cock control is a good beginning to a chastity training program. I will warm you up for the final lockdown keeping that cock in a frustrating but exciting orgasm denial mode. Guided masturbation management will be your like for a whole week with daily check ins. Your cock becomes my cock upon demand, and it keeps to the program efficiently. Finally a decision is made whether you get to cum or not before lockdown. It will all depend on how you perform and how you serve me.

Chastity Slave, Call Your Princess

Are you ready for a demanding Princess chastity mistress? I expect to train at least 6 of you for as long as negotiated. Prepare and no cumming reading this post!

Princess Britany