Foot Worship Day On Foot Fetish Friday

Officially today is Foot Fetish Friday. If I do post a foot worship day, it more than likely will be on a Friday. There are so many bottom feeders out there after all. The bottom of the pot loves to be stirred with a golden girl princess foot. The lucky slut gets to lick, then his little dick (if applicable) gets squashed under the golden foot. If you got into the incantations than it’s time to make a foot worship mantra in honer of me.

Foot Worship Day For A Bratty Princess: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Please The Brat With The Best Foot Job Possible

On this foot worship day, I will elaborate on the importance of how to give a brat the best foot job possible. A brat is hard to please, especially a golden princess who is used to being spoiled. Everything must be perfect because she is used to it. Your teeth and whole mouth must be brushed and rinsed before she would consider your mouth on her feet. If there were a dildo in the shape of a princess foot, she would order you to have one.

Sexy Dirty Feet

My feet can be as dirty as I want because a foot boy deserves the dirtiest of feet. often he begs for that which is good because he looks so good on his knees groveling and being pathetic. He will have the pleasure of scrubbing them later and massaging them with emollient lotion. If he is lucky enough Princess will fuck his mouth with my foot as he struggles to look up my mini skirt. I eventually become aggressive with some barefoot trampling. Slapping his face with my foot proves my dexterity. I then promise him some ass worship for the cherry on top. Just because a Princess promises doesn’t mean anything. Grinding my dirty foot in his face and plugging his nostrils with my toes is my style.

Tar And Feather

Stepping on molasses and throwing feathers in your face makes me giggle.You of course lick the excess off my feet even though you hate molasses. Pictures are taken of my work to be sent to my friends. They admire my meanie work. I still haven’t covered drinking beverages through my sweaty worn gym socks over your glass. That’s always fun with a good beer. I can save that for another time on a Foot Fetish Friday!

Bratty Bitch Britany, the Princess of your dreams. XOX