Goddesses, Princesses and Mistresses all have that humiliation brand in common. There are all kinds, of course! I don’t have to go through the list, or do I? You like hearing it. It most likely makes your cock hard at any size. When you hear the word Goddess, you may immediately think of hot and steamy body worship, which is sexy. When you hear humiliation following that, more than likely you think on your knees to serve, which is what this post is about.

Goddesses of Humiliation: Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Humiliation body worship by Goddesses definitely includes face sitting in an aggressive manner, sitting directly on the submissive worshiper’s face. He has no choice but to gulp for air and beg for mercy. If you imagine, a Goddess in strappy stilettos come to mind, prepare for foot and shoe worship with cruel and humiliating trample play.

Goddesses of Humiliation: Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Goddess play with sissy fetish? Do I have to remind sissy that I am superior as she is on her knees worshipping? Is she watching closely as I demonstrate the beauty of pure silk panties right in her face. I imagine yes! She is a good student and a fast learner… sometimes! She is a sissy after all! Sissy humiliation from a Goddess is always condescending, you will always be talked down to. The Goddess foot may step on the sissy clit to humiliate and tease. It’s so small! It is worthless! Tiny as it is, it is worth humiliation fun.

Goddess play and cuckolding? Yes. Goddess play and service sub? The best because Goddess is reclining on the chaise lounge ordering to be served with the submissive on his knees with a tray of many gifts. This is the most sensual of humiliation because of the effortless of it all.

Princess Britany