Princess Britany

A Sudsy Fragrant Prezzie

Every year peter tease toy sends me a gift, and it’s usually something yummy to wash with, something yummy for my hair, and out of the blue for no reason, a pair of white lace panties. I so appreciate being worshipped, pampered, and thought of. Peter tease toy is too shy to call. He’s a recording guy and a tease and denial boy, especially trained by Ms Violet. Thank you peter tease toy…erm, squirm, adjusting erection.

Princess Britany

Door Mat Zane

Zane took me out for a fabulous sushi dinner and gave me a pair of red Betsy Johnson ¬†high heels and a Kate Spade purse. The nerd has really good taste and he received no reward. His reward was a peck on the cheek and a place on the floor next to my bed with a cock cage on. Since he has a foot fetish, I couldn’t resist stepping on him in the middle of the night when I went to the bathroom. I turned around to see a big grin on his face. I was wearing a pink satin teddy. I know he loved that.

Big Dick Devon

I was also treated like a princess by Devon, a guy I’m seeing right now. Poor Zane, so jealous but turned on. The makings of a perfect cuckold. Devon is regular with no kink and has a gorgeous fat cock. Nope, Zane did not get to watch, not even from the closet. I did tell him about it though and checked his dick as I elaborated. It was hard, and small. Poor little dickless loser, Zane…sigh. Devon’s taste is not as good as Zane’s but you can’t have everything!


Princess Britany