Sissy Spotting

It was weekend sissy spotting at the mall. Of course Maya and I had plans for shopping for a club event this coming weekend, but the panty boy pickings were just too irresistible to pass up. After all, sissy humiliation is part of Princess agenda! Three girlie bois were spotted in one hour.

Sissy Number One

This little sissy was wigless but had long blond highlighted hair, so we figured she was lifestyle. She had a little white t-shirt with a pink bra underneath. Panty lines were visible under her tight jeggings. The usual cheap accessories, pink lip gloss, light eye makeup, and french tip fake nails. She wore girl’s athletic shoes in pink. Swishy swishy she walked as Maya and I stared. As she walked by, she blushed and I said “bitch whore much”? She giggled and blushed some more.

Sissy Number Two

A 30 something sissy walked by with a white and pink cowboy hat, a light yellow girl’s cut with gold glitter words “Cowgurls do it bareback”, tight low boot cut jeans which showed her yellow thong panty as she bent over to pick up her white purse, black synthetic wig under her hat, tacky cowboy boots with lots of gold design, and sissy cocksucker red lipstick. Maya asked “suck real man cock much”? Bra in black showing, yes.

Sissy Number Three

OMG…a sissy slut walks by dressed like a street hooker with knee high black boots, a black mini, black thigh highs, a leopard print scoop necked long sleeve shirt showing a bit of black lace bra with huge breast forms. A red wig with a rhinestone clasp, crass whorish makeup, and red press ons. I said “pick up tricks much”? She said “Yes. I made 200 bucks last night. How much did you make”?  LOL!


Princess Britany