Orgasm Denial For The New Year Is What You Need

A good way to start orgasm denial for the new year is to call me on Wednesday to get your discount call and to map out details. All of the training will possibly end in chastity for a given time. I will be on most of the day, but you can suggest an appointment time. You have to show up for appointments. If you don’t you will be put in a cage for the rest of the month (wink).All kidding aside. No-shows do not get second chances, and I will wait for five minutes tops.

Orgasm Denial For The New Year: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Obsessive Jerk Offs Need Discipline

Right! You have been jerking off, most of you obsessively all year. Why? Because it’s been a shitty year and I need not explain. It’s time to man up with some discipline and get that cock cage you have been planning to buy, like forever. How long you stay in that cage after one month of orgasm denial is to be negotiated. Hopefully until December of next year….hahaha.

Sissies Who Love Chastity Are The Best Sissies

I especially love putting sissies in chastity because mostly, they really love it. Being controlled by a strict and sexy Princess is what they absolutely adore. It’s cute to turn them over the knee and listen to the cock cage jingle at every slap. After that spanking, they get ordered to their knees to receive some sweet face slapping golden princess style. This adds some color to those pale cheeks, both sets.

Orgasm Denial For The New Year: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Edging And Gooning

If you do not want to end in chastity, or cannot end in chastity, consider a monthly edging program where you call me once a week for a given amount of time for grueling gooning, edging, orgasm denial and mean masturbation. Mean means strict and demanding and of course denial.

Princess Audios Coming Up . Requests Appreciated In Comments Section

This coming new year be expecting new audios uploaded to the audio store, our Femdompodcast, and on this blog. Right now I am considering requests of what you would love to hear, in all categories allowed. Yes I agree it’s about time. I will entertain you sad sack losers and big dicked winners!

Princess Britany