Stocking Fetish? Pantyhose Gurl?

Stocking fetish or pantyhose selection. You must love both because sissy clothing requires both. A dress with a slit on the side would require stockings with lace toppers, or a garter belt with garters. It depends on the season as well. Panty hose keeps a sissy warm, and she will wear clothes that are longer in winter. If Mistress wants to torture poor sissy, discomfort may be in order.

Stocking Fetish, Pantyhose Preference, Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Bondage With Stockings

Stockings can and will be used for bondage to a four poster bed, and an extra will be stuffed in sissies mouth. Sometimes the pantyhose crotch will be used for a gag, after a heavy gym workout of course. A stocking place over sissies little dick would provide a fun tease and deny workout without Princess using her hands.

Stocking Fetish, Pantyhose Preference, Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Wearing Them With Pride

Stocking fetish in most cases is sissy wearing them, having a huge variety in her drawer to take out and model for her, Mistress, or her new boyfriend who likes to get sissy on her back with those stockings felt on the sides of that real man torso.

The Shoes Make The Gurl

How do they look with those special shoes you have sissy? Do you have those seams lined up nice? Look at yourself from the back, bend over and grab your ankles. You had better have that pink butt plug warm and ready. Think instead, the pink Mistress strap on coming closer until your submission is inevitable.

So of course your closet needs these accessories all in good repair. It’s time for a little shopping assignment!


Princess Britany