Princess Britany

Keeping A Stroker Occupied

One of my favorite sites to send stroker boys to is Milovana. They have amazing teases with the hottest hotties. Often when you have a boy in training and you run out of assignments to give, Milovana is the place to send them. Idle cock stroking hands can sometimes become bored with between call down time. A boy is supposed to keep hands off or tease when Mistress says during these times. This site has absolutely no guilt in orgasm denial. Yesssssssss….we do take time off and vacations?

Stroke To The Beat

Online metronome is awesome for live calls, having the boy stroke to the beat, and stop with a loud ring. This program goes all the way from largo to presto. Random number generators are terrific for homework edges, or live call edges. Live dice rolls being viewed with a webcam is fun for yes or no, can I cum?

The Playground

Mistress Cassandra has a playground for boys to do assignments. I’ve had three sissies partake in the leaderboard, and a few chastity slaves enjoying the proctor game. There is also a dice roll for orgasm or no orgasm.

Pecker Checking

Chastity training with tease is a company favorite when a boy does a call. This is the perfect time to take the cock out of the cage for a checkup. I have them do a clinical exam of every inch, of the ball area, under and above. This can be a humiliating experience for some or an absolute delight.

I would love to hear about everyones cocktease favorites to add to the archives of cockstroker assignments.


Princess Britany