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As the orgasm nears, does he get to cum? He may. It all depends on how well he has stroked. I have to be really impressed to let it go in a normal fashion. This takes a lot, of course, to please a princess and to amuse her in the way she is accustomed to. Since lately I’ve been having so much fun with ruined orgasms, I could go this road. This deprives me of a good cum eating session though. Who is he? He is you, the boys I tease whenever I sign on, to torment.

Tease me please........

Tease me please……..

The Cock Tease Web

Beginning a cock tease session is fun. It’s like trapping a spider into the cock tease web. These long legs dangle the shoe off of the sexy princess foot. Licking a frozen pop suggestively with my tongue, circling the diameter. You love to imagine me licking that dick of yours, don’t you? I am merely showing you how to be a cocksucker, how to do it right!

As The Tables Turn

Let’s turn the tables now to get you stroking your cock on your knees. Imagine your lips on my feet through a pair of fragrant pantyhose. A pantyhosed foot feels so good teasing and stroking that little dick of yours, doesn’t it? Just when I begin to rub harder, I block that flow with the ball of my foot, ruining the orgasm, ala foot job. Unfortunately once this happens, your dick is absolutely useless for awhile. Poor boy, teased to tears, so sad, hmmmm?

Princess Britany