Brad’s Fall to Submission

At this point in Brad’s fallĀ  from alpha male and into my position as obedient supplicant, he had virtually alienated his clique of sexist frat boys and made me his universe. Now it was time to take his training to its natural conclusion: slave and worshipping sycophant. At this same exact point in my life I guess I was transitioning from cruel cock tease and into a dangle dominatrix and Femdom.
The Art Of The Dangle Part 3: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Dangle Femdom

I had heard of Femdom, Mistress & slave relationships but never connected being a natural dangle flirt and tease with being a Femdom until I met someone like Brad. Someone that drastically needed to fall from macho grace by a finessingĀ  Alpha Female. The only blueprint I had to go by was my female intuition and my experience with breaking and training horses at my parents stable.

The Broke Stallion

There are some horses that can be easily “broke” but there are some that are too alpha to be broke by ordinary means. This type of animal has to be trained with a more intense regimen. We as human beings don’t have to be bigger than a horse in order to break it’s dominant spirit. We have to use our own natural strength which is our capacity for intelligence. If you can understand the true nature of the horse which is a prey animal, you will understand that it needs a strong leader to be it’s dominant. However, sometimes a riding crop of pain is mixed in with the procedure. It was these instincts that were learned over a period of time mixed with my own intuition that have been my road map in guiding Brad from his self proclaimed station of alphadom and into my thoroughly broken submissive. To be very continued….
Princess Britany