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Little mikey pillow pumper sent such a sweet and sentimental e-mail . I just love it when the “fall in love” with me. He knows that it is hump day humiliation and he is in for it. Since he isn’t calling till later, there is nothing to report about him except he will be humping that pillow they way I instruct. I’ll be sure to post his email at the end of this post just so everyone can have a good laugh.

Things are going great with Jason. He’s buying me lots of prezzies and taking me to clubs and restaurants showing me off to his friends. His friends are sooooooo hot, I don’t know if I can stay faithful for long. I can really imagine myself with a harem full of hot , hung, beautiful men. Sissies need not apply. Whenever I find myself wondering about humiliation subjects, sissies never fail to come into mind.

Sissies in chastity panties, pink ones that lock, Princess owning the keys, all 8 of them. There is nothing funnier than a sissy begging for release. In this case a sissy must be watched because it is possible to pillow hump in these locked panties. Sissies can only hope for intense cockteasing. Of course these panties are not as secure as a cage. It’s the symbol and willingness to serve and be faithful to Princess if that’s possible. Sissies are notorious sluts, only faithful to their own bitch boi face in the mirror! Not look at what loser wrote:

Hello Mistress Britany, will you please speak with me this evening. I think I am in
love with you. You are so beautiful. I know I repulse you but could you please speak
with me and let me hump my pillow again? – Marky Boy

For an erotic phone session with Princess Britany, call 800-601-6975
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