Help Me get Dressed, Sissy

Last night I had a party in my by bungalow in the back of the main house. My parents are away in Costa Rica for another week. It was an impromptu get together with 3 girlfriends and a few boys. One boy is a boy I used to sissify. He did that as a test run once upon a time and then got over it real quick. He says he did it for me. I tend to think he still does it, so after several rounds of tequila, I suggested we needed a pantied bartender. He blushed and everyone noticed. After a few more shots he agreed to be the pantied bartender but only if he covered his little cock with panties. We compromised. The perfect waitress stood at attention waiting to serve. She was allowed all the shots she wanted which were plenty to ward off the embarrassment and discomfort. Soon enough she was told to show us that tiny little cock. Every demand was met including foot massages and dog barking. She was goosed many times in the kitchen and was treated like a little slut. Finally, I went to bed and the overnight guests made themselves comfortable. In the morning the only thing left of the little humiliated sissy boy was a pair of panties left on the floor. I wonder how his hangover is.

Princess Britany