I have some juicy photos of soyoung gurl being a lucky little gurl. Lucky as in she has fulfilled her life purpose of being a total little street walking ho. One photo shows her walking up a flight of steps wearing  an obscenely short purple mini dress with black pleats, a long red wig, thigh high lace top stockings, acrylic stripper platforms, and from what I could see, no panties. Now what is a sissy without panties. Oh, and the purse needs work. No freakin mini backpacks…sheesh! Another pic was kind of cute. A white strapless party dress with pleats, opaque black stockings, and the slut stripper shoes again. Tacky! The best pic of all is the slut engaged in conversation with someone in an SUV. Bent over, no wig but face hidden from camera by a sideview mirror. The sissy whore was soliciting a customer wearing a chiffon tiered leopard print skirt, black satin wife beater t shirt, black sheer stockings, and black patent sling back 3″ heels . I guess heels this short of inches means she was planning to do a major ho stroll assignment! No excuses. Next time at least wear platform black patent leather boots. I’m sure this cut down on income now didnt it? If I were there you would have major sissy humiliation beyond those tutu dreams, gurl.


Next on the list is sissy nikki who never checked back on how she did at the gloryhole last night. Did the little beatch get too fucked up to go out? While I was talking to her, she had the pipe out and was well on the way. I think this little slut could use some house calls with the big black cocks she’s addicted to. I think it works out to she has never cum with me on calls which is fine with me, orgasm denial keeps a sissy in check after all. Ok, later all. It’s tanning salon time.


Princess Britany