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Not this week you don’t. The Princess is getting tired of being teased and denied. The past month I have had the promise of prezzies from my wish list, sheets and body butter. A Princess becomes very disappointed when she does not get her prezzies, then she becomes a spoiled vindictive brat. Now I know it’s not fair to make every boy suffer because of the bad deeds done by a few, but that’s the way it goes!

OMG! I saw this episode from Criminal Minds the other night called “Normal”. We all know about these losers who freak out and kill their families before they blow their own heads off. This loser was so pent up with anger for being humiliated by his wife and 2 princess daughters that he became a serial road rage warrior killing people , especially women, left and right in good old L.A., the home of freeway road rage. LOL…one of the daughters was named “Britney”. I suggest any of you losers who love Princess humiliation to see this episode. Eventually he is persued and does the family annihilation thing. The only thing missing was emasculation by panties, but that would be more fitting for CSI Las Vegas.

OMG! I just talked to the sexiest boy from the UK right now! Tall, long dark hair, and hung like a Yorkshire horsie…yummmmmm

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