Stomping Time!

Stomping Time!

Trample Trample….

Boom! Had an inquiry about trampling in Giant Woman Land. That’s where women have grow above and beyond, and stomp about, making a game of hunting down tiny boys. No shoes allowed, just well tended to feet by little two inch men who have been taught to foot worship. Of course a Giantess Princess will never have just one tiny boy on a foot. It would have to be more like ten little shrinkers to work on one foot.

10 Tiny Boys On One Giant Foot

It had better be a very good massage because the whole point of the fantasy is stomping and trampling, which I will do anyways. A Princess is never satisfied, and if one screws up, the others suffer as well. The disgruntled Princess stands up and announces that it is also face sitting time, before the trample.

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Tenderizing Time

Rounded up tiny boys in the face sitting corral…here we go. Imagine the sight of a Princess ass about the size of a mansion coming closer. Scramble into the crack and feel safe. My tight muscles begin to massage you now, hearing Princess the booming voice. I’m tenderizing you now for the great stomp. Good luck little men, hope you make it through!


Princess Britany