Masturbation Endurance Lessons for Cocks Out of Control

Masturbation endurance lessons for dicks that cum too quick. Given to you, by me, Princess Britany because it’s time you got more ambitious for me, your wife, or your girlfriend. If you are so lucky to have a partner, especially if you are dick challenged. One in every four calls have small cocks, and that is less area to cover. You are challenged. Learn to stroke your cock the right way.

Masturbation Endurance Lessons: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Zero Lube and a Cock Ring

First, I want you to throw out your lube when you stroke your cock for me, unless it’s the kind that numbs that shaft. Get a cock ring and make it tight. At the beginning of training I want to get at least two orgasms out of you to drain it. Even though you don’t want to go again, I insist. This is discipline and you are lacking it, so I insist. I take you through various strokes and keep you on your toes. Cum eating may be expected to remind you that if you slip one out, you will be made to eat it,

Do as I Say Like it or Not

Your cock will be soft when you call, another challenge for you. Getting used to doing what you don’t like is all part of the plan. Soon you will be proficient enough to do a pass the penis game with four or more Mistresses.

Porn on the Side

Eventually we can introduce your lube of choice again. At that point you will stroke for hours all juiced up without a problem, hitting edge upon edge. In the beginning of the masturbation endurance lessons, you will be ordered to put the porn on the side. Eventually porn viewing will be re-introduced and you will have no problem. You will be an expert cock control slave, able to endure the hardest of porn!


Princess Britany