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Foot Fetish Friday is here and I want to talk about the heavenly aroma of my feet under silky stockings. As you must know, foot under synthetic nylon tends to hold in aroma. Aroma fetish is nothing new, but put it together with shoe, stocking, pantyhose, panty sniffing, and you have a real winner! I have talked to boys who would die to have the cocks stroked with nylon clad feet while sniffing Princess gym socks or (if they are lucky enough) gym worn panties. I certainly can visualize you on your back, bound in rope, helpless as I lower myself inch by inch in sweaty panties, just inches away from your tongue. I especially like doing that to a pantywaist wearing my panties where the Princess pussy once touched! Finishing off with a nylon foot job.

I should be on in the morning for teasing calls and sissification beatches. In the afternoon I will be going shopping to a very cool mall. We are having a nice little heat wave right now. I may be on a little later too but I’m not sure. Jason may be popping over. Tonight I’m off clubbing in Hollywood. I will be wearing a very short black dress with purple kitten heel mules, purple shoulder purse, and a pretty amethyst crystal necklace.

OMG! Poor Lindsay Lohan! She is sooooooooo gonna do time, but drugs are for losers. I can’t believe she looks as good as she does! She lives at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset. Awesome bar!


Princess Britany