Be My Little Bottomfeeder

Be My Little Bottomfeeder

A Pedi Boi

I just had my weekly pedicure, and guess who will be learning how to do pedicures….yep, Zane. Sissy geek Zane has been in and out of chastity for me since you last heard from me. Now he is out because he is out of town and taking flights. He’s back on Monday and will be ready for more. I discovered a deep dark kinky secret. Zane loves feet!!

The Foot Massage Room

I have had countless foot massages with a reflexology chart set up in the “foot fetish massage room” and his touch is perfect providing he does not have his press on nails on. I make him wear them when he is dressed up for my amusement and sometimes for my friends. We have not gone so far with CFNM yet. My girlfriends, especially Maya, is not interested in seeing this little geek perform.



Demanding Princesses

Foot sluts do best when there are princesses that demand foot massages, enjoy stepping on a foot boys little dick, and enjoy a trample here and there. A bottomfeeder’s dream is to be at the end of a long line of princesses that are waiting for foot massages, all impatiently I might add.

Will He Cum?

Whose feet does he get to cum on? None! He isn’t even allowed to stroke and cum. He is not allowed to eat his cum. He is teased, denied, and then locked back up in his chastity cage. He endures much humiliation because the princess contingent had to wait so long. Maybe next time he will have release, just maybe!


Princess Britany