The Sexy Princess is the Perfect Compliment; The Sexy Domme is the Perfect Truth

I was told yesterday that I was a super hot domme. Who can deny that. Then someone called right after saying I am a sexy princess, so the combination is a winner. I combine sexiness and strictness in my calls. When I talk to you, you can imagine my sexy body reclining on a bed wearing nothing or dressed always hot and sexy to attract boys. I love to tease and dangle the carrot. The domme in me is still a sexy princess, especially in my fave area. Yes…humiliation especially little dicks.

Sexy Princess Hot Domme: Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975

Sissies Wanted…Calling All…

I went mall shopping a few days ago looking for a casual club dress and came home with a really fancy black dress with a plunging v neck and a slit up the back, perfect for a pair of sheer black stockings and super high pumps. The only thing missing was a sissy in tow with a collar and leash. This dress is perfect for a princess with a huge following of girlie bois crawling behind.

Zane’s Dungeon Room, It’s Time for a Makeover

Talking of sissy in tow, Zane the brain is back and ready to start heavier submissive sessions with me, so the hot domme will be happy to sharpen up the strap ons. There is no room for a built in dungeon so I decided his bedroom will be made over. He will live in the dungeon…hahaha. His bed will be replaced with a prison cage, his wall art will be a whips and paddles, and best of all, his ass will be permanently red!

Princess Britany