Makeover at the Sissy Salon

Sissy salon for Christmas makeover, boi? Of course, you will. This is not for sissies who are going to see the family, unless they are transgender accepting. I’m talking about little sissy fags who have a dungeon party to attend, or maybe a hot date with a big black dick. Let’s get you done up, made over, and cock sucker friendly!

Sissy Salon For Girlie Bois: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Tiny Cocks a Plus

Enter into the sissy salon, especially one catering to feminized boys. The occasional mean girl strolls in with her Princess friends to check out the possibility of new sissy slaves and submissive bois with really tiny cocks to tease and frustrate. They are welcome, of course, as they are superior women whom sissies bow down to. Often they stroll in to be admired and emulated by jealous sissies who imagine themselves in the Princess shoes. This, of course, is the highlight of this salon.

Mean Girl Princesses

The operators of this salon are beauty experts and humiliation mistresses. A conversation may go like, “I can change your hair color, but your little cock will stay the same.”  On the display shelves are tiny pink cock cages, huge dildos and butt plugs, and regular salon things like brushes. A huge selection of wigs are displayed, and makeup kits and brushes as well. Next door is a sissy boutique with clothes to fit the occasion.

The Pink Dungeon in the Back

Of course, nothing is cheap in the sissy salon. The prices reflect the service and also the humiliation sessions that accompany them. You will notice along with the all pink decor, a pink dungeon in the back for the most “personal” attention. “The Pink Dungeon” may be the perfect name for such an establishment unless you can think of something better. Leave a comment with suggestions!

Prezzies Please

So, pets, I have updated my wishlist. It’s never too late to send me a gift for Christmas, or for any reason, because I am your Goddess, Mistress, and Princess.



Princess Britany