Little Cocks Ha Ha Ha

SPH, that is small penis humiliation, is the most sought after subject on my blog. I get the most comments, the most traffic, when I blog about it. Why do you think? Because I genuinely laugh at it and am totally amused, as I roll on the floor laughing. You can tell I love it by the frequency of my posting it. So here it is again.

SPH: The Highest Ranking Subject: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6965

Big Hands, Big Feet, No Cock

There is a comment on my blog about a really tall guy with a little dick. I remember having an experience like this with an early boyfriend. Tall with big hands and feet, and a big nose. One would think he would have a big dick but this was not the case at all. I of course did not fuck this boy or even jerk him off, or let him jerk off for me because his little dick was really a turn off. The birth of a SPH Princess began young.

Little SPH Dik Pik

Another experience involved a bunch of drunk boys at a party. I told them to take off their clothes for a group photo, and they did. They posed! I showed them the picture delivered via email, and I put a caption on the photo. “Who wins the smallest penis contest! The prize is he get’s to eat his own cum!”

Birth of the Mean Girls

You can imagine how that went over…like a lead balloon. But I can tell it did excite a few of them. I hooked into SPH on the web, and I was so excited, that I immediately got on the phone and called my best friend Maya. We then shared stories of our experience, dug up kinky websites, compared notes, and then put it to the test in school. We were crowned “The Princess Bitches,” the new wave of mean girls.

Princess Britany