Foot Fetish Includes Stinky Socks Fetish

Definitely an acquired taste kink which goes right with the famous foot fetish. The king of foot sock stocking fetish is the gypsy peen who brings up quirky shit on the perverted call. The thought of how his little cock explodes in a rag cotton stink sock makes me bwahaha rolling on the floor. Stink socks fetish is one to consider if you have a foot fetish.

Stinky Socks Fetish: Princess Britany1-800-356-6169

The After Gym Workout Scent

Adding panty hose pix in the post brings the dreamy image of hose being worn for hours on a hot day. Sweating in them wearing a pair of acrylic socks enhances the smell of feet not washed. This is after a gym workout on the spinning machine. Acrylic holds the oder well as it is cheap and synthetic. Fabrics like cotton and silk are natural and allow breathing. Cheap nylon is good too, and best for panties I’m sure you agree.

Stinky Socks Fetish: Princess Britany1-800-356-6169

The Interesting Conversations With A Foot Fetish Boy

The conversation always ends up in nasty tennis shoe odor and serial killers especially Ted Bundy. I like to mention local serials like The Nightstalker and The Hillside Strangler because just thinking of this taking place in L.A. makes my skin crawl. For a psychology thesis I did a huge study on the local L.A. guys. I couldn’t sleep for weeks after that. What about those tennies, eh? The tennis shoe has a way of holding the odor of ripe feet. Every foot fetish Mistress is well versed on this shoe and that shoe. Tennies rule because they get old and worn and gather more kink juice.

Stinky Socks Fetish: Princess Britany1-800-356-6169

What Is “Bromodrosis” ?

I remember taking to a stink foot fetishist who liked to put a dirty bought sock on a pint glass of beer. He would have his pints with sock, and the dirtiest of socks. He used to listen to a Zappa song about “bromodosis” ? Or whatever. I think the song was called stink foot…lol. It would play over and over in the background during the call. He had a huge collection of socks and shoes because his kink required more and more. In addition to socks and shoes, he liked panty hose and stockings worn to perfection. Stinky socks fetish is more popular than you can imagine!

In conclusion, the best socks are the worn socks. Since the gypsy peen is a connoisseur of nasty socks and stockings, he must comment about more I have maybe missed to mention on this juicy post!

XOX Princess Britany