A nice warm Sunday afternoon, just perfect for a pool party. My parents have been gone all week, humiliated foot slave partee on garthee has fulfilled his duties. Every single shoe in my collection has been spit shined, he has eaten all of his dog kibble, he has been a good door mat, he’s slept in his pup tent all night without one bark, and he’s listened to me with Jason just underneath my bedroom window. Most of all, he hasn’t chastity cheated. He can’t ! It’s a foolproof device, made just for him. Now it’s party time and garthee has a nice little reward coming to him. He gets to wait on 5 bratty Princesses by making us pina coladas, cleaning our kitten heeled shoes with his doggy tongue, and posing in his pink sissy baby outfit. Of course his cocklock comes off at the very end of the party, after he has massaged our feet with coconut tanning oil. At this point we want to see exactly how horny he is, if he can get it up in front of 5 mean Princesses, humiliating him and telling him he’s a foot loser. After much tease and denial he is allowed to cum on my feet just to lick them clean while we all laugh. Then we tell him to clean up, get out of that ridiculous outfit, get dressed, and get out! As he leaves through the gate, he hears the laughter of 5 mean princesses. Poor garthee!

For an erotic phone session with Princess Britany, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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