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Chances are tomorrow you may be too busy to give me a call. Yes, I don’t want to say it, tatatatax day (shudder)! But today is today, which is hump day. I want to post every Wednesday in celebration of humiliation. Today’s topic? Haha, small penis humiliation. My absolute all time favorite. I want every small cock to come out of their panties and amuse me. Now about those little dickies.

I’ll bet you’re a good looking dude with a totally rad job, dress really cool, and chased by skirts in the office all day and every day. You get a major stiffie at the drop of a hat because you never get any booty. The reason for that is you have a tiny little secret, so small that you want no one to know. Imagine if the word gets around the office! It’s a major source of jack off fantasy for you, then you call me for the small penis humiliation call involving how you get drunk at the office party, and could not hold back with the major hottie who looks just like me. She discovers your little secret. When you come in Monday, all the hotties are snickering and whispering. That’s where the fun comes in for me. Playing that hottie on the call 🙂

Eventually the fantasy evolves into CFNM at a cocktail party at my house. Then the fantasy involves me teasing and denying you. Eventually you become a simpering little sissy foot boy doing my pedicures and foot massages. The possibilities are endless. Reply to this blog for next Wednesday’s hump day humiliation, and make it good!

For an erotic phone session with Princess Britany, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card