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Aroma Fetish Revisited


When I start talking about foot fetishes, it naturally brings me to aroma fetishes. With foot fetishists, sometimes the stinkier the feet , the better. Shoes are sniffed and licked, socks are fished out of hampers along with used hose.

Aroma Articles Of Worship

With aroma fetish, panties and shirts are fished . . . → Read More: Aroma Fetish Revisited

Princess Foot Adoration

Be My Little Bottomfeeder

A Pedi Boi

I just had my weekly pedicure, and guess who will be learning how to do pedicures….yep, Zane. Sissy geek Zane has been in and out of chastity for me since you last heard from me. Now he is out because he is out of town and . . . → Read More: Princess Foot Adoration

My Little Geek Chastity Boi

On Your Knees!!!!

Britany’s Little Pet

It’s official! Zane is my submissive sissy geek ready for locking on Valentine’s Day! We had a sushi date last night and discussed BDSM, sissification, humiliation, and of course chastity training. He knows that his cb device has to go and will need a more sophisticated metal . . . → Read More: My Little Geek Chastity Boi

The Potential Chastity Slave

Locked For Me?

Locking A Geek

A few of my friends know what I do for money and fun at LDW. One girlfriend suggested I get to know Zane, a friend of hers who is a geek. She said he would be of great benefit for me, to take care of computer things . . . → Read More: The Potential Chastity Slave